MESA: (Portuguese and Spanish for table) is the American English term for “Tableland,” an elevated area of land with a flat top and sides that are usually steep cliffs

The vision of Mesa Groups is to reclaim and recover tableland here in North Texas. We are called to do life in a deep and intentional way. With Acts 2:42-47 as our model, we seek to pursue real Christian community, believing that the Christian life is a journey to be lived out 7 days per week–a much more robust experience than merely a two-hour-Sunday occurrence. We will never achieve an abundant life on our own, rather it take a village.


We gather around one another’s tables to develop deep friendship and to share in our common life. Every Christian is called to serve and care for their brothers and sisters in Christ.

At the Second Table, followers of Christ are both the host and the guest.  The participants are Jesus and primarily believers, although we leave open chairs for outsiders.  Here there is an emphasis on family and being present to one another.  Second Table offers an invitation to be known in deep friendship and to belong to a family.


As the body of Christ, we are now “taken, blessed, broken, and given” to a world that does not know God. This is how we go about God’s Kingdom mission.

The church does not exist for itself. We have a mission in the world. As disciples of Jesus we have a calling to both deepen our faith in Christ, while simultaneously sharing the good news of his grace and love with the world. We believe this mission is primarily pursued in community–we are sent together. At Church of the Resurrection, we believe our homes, back porches, and tables are to be the “front door” of our Christian community. This requires that we make intentional margin in our lives to be present to our neighbors and co-workers.

What’s the format?

Twice per month, Mesa Groups will meet for a two hour session, gathered around a meal, engaging in conversations led by a Mesa Group Facilitator, designed to help us grow deeper in relationship with one another and the Lord. Each Mesa Night, you will be invited to bring a food addition to the meal and participate in the conversation at hand.

How Many People Per Mesa Group?

While we could never really get to know 200 hundred people, fostering deep community with even 50 folks would prove challenging. Therefore we are using the model of Jesus and his disciples, pushing for a healthier “span of care,” and working to keep the groups small enough to comfortably sit around a dinner table. Ideally, each group will have no more than 12 members.

When Do Mesa Groups Meet?

Mesa Groups are slotted to meet the 1st and 3rd Sunday evening (Mesa Nights) of every month from 6 – 8 pm.

Where Will My Mesa Group Meet?

Mesa Groups will meet in homes hosted by Mesa Group Facilitators.