Historically Orthodox

In order to remain true to the teachings of Christ and the apostles, Anglicans have historically upheld the Holy Scripture as God’s Word, have held to the historical document known as the Thirty-Nine Articles of Faith, and have accepted the three great Christian creeds, the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed, as the fundamental statements of the Christian faith. We celebrate the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper as commanded by Jesus and we uphold the historic order of bishops, presbyters, and deacons in the administration of the church’s life and mission. Anglicans affirm the historical document known as the Thirty-Nine Articles of Faith to be a summary of the biblical faith recovered at the Reformation and the doctrinal norm for Anglicans around the world. For more information on what Anglicans believe, check out “To Be a Christian in the Anglican Way.

Today the worldwide Anglican Communion is experiencing both tremendous stress and tremendous renewal. The stress comes as some provinces depart from historic Anglican faith and practices and from the orthodox understanding of the Holy Scriptures. On the other hand, the renewal comes from the explosive growth of the gospel through Anglican churches and missions in many locations, particularly the “two-thirds world.”

It is indeed an unusual and exciting time to be Anglican. Those of us gathered here at Church of the Resurrection, without ambivalence, wholeheartedly embrace that we have been called to be followers of Jesus Christ in the Anglican tradition for such a time as this. We have a deep sense that God is calling us to live more faithfully and trust him more genuinely than ever.

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Our life together is shaped by ten core values:

  • Dependence upon God through Worship and Prayer – We worship and pray to God in recognition of His holiness and supremacy and as a confession of our humanity and need. Our central desire is to know, love, and enjoy God more. Our worship is expressed through a convergence of three great streams of the Christian tradition — Scripture, Sacrament, and Spirit.
  • Scriptural Authority – We learn and live by the timeless standard of God’s inspired Word, making it the lens through which we view our relationships, circumstances, and decisions.
  • Life Transformation – We depend upon and recognize the power of the Holy Spirit — cooperating with Him as we are transformed into the kind of people who embody and practice what Jesus commands.
  • Rooted – We are rooted in the history, beauty, and practices of our Ancient Christian Tradition and specifically within our Anglican heritage.
  • Relevant – We desire to demonstrate a faith that works in real life. The Gospel must be proclaimed in both word and deed in such a manner that the people of our region see the beauty, power, and practicality of following Jesus Christ.
  • Missional Living – We abandon the inclination to be consumers of Christianity. Instead, we follow Jesus for the sake of others, actively loving those who are far off from God, whether in poverty or prosperity, purposely serving them wherever they are.
  • Authentic Community – We pursue honest, caring and encouraging relationships that follow the model set for us by the Trinity, and that lead to maturity in Christ for all.
  • Culture of Grace – We desire to extend to all people the unmerited love, acceptance and forgiveness that we ourselves have received from God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Leaving a Legacy – We sustain the Christian faith and prepare future leaders by the intentional transfer of the Gospel — from person to person and generation to generation. We will “plant trees whose shade we will never sit under.”
  • Excellence – God is worthy of our best. Going beyond what is required and giving our best at all times in everything we do brings joy to God’s heart and glory to His name.