Church of the Resurrection exists to make faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who are Rooted, Restful, and Relational by pursuing communion with God, fellowship with the Church, and faithful witness to the world.

At Church of the Resurrection we believe the mission given us by God is very simple. Yet, it runs counter to the culture that surrounds us and cries for our attention and affections every day. The world screams for us to hurry, achieve, produce, look out for ourselves, love possessions, and so much more. But we believe that the human soul will never find fulfillment in these things. The human soul will always be restless until it finds its rest in God.

Our mission can be understood in two parts. The first part is our Vision of the characteristics of a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ: Rooted, Restful, and Relational. The second part of our mission is our Strategy for how to become increasingly more mature disciples of Jesus Christ: pursuing communion with God, fellowship with the Church, and faithful witness to the World. These three relationships take place at what we call the Three Tables of the Christian life.

To learn more about our Vision and Strategy, see the summaries below, or visit our Vision & Strategy page for more detail.

Our Vision – Rooted, Restful, and Relational


We seek to make faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who are Rooted in:

  • The gospel of Jesus Christ
  • The Scriptures as God’s Word to us
  • The ancient Faith and Tradition of the Church
  • The community of believers to which we belong
  • The place in which we live

In a world where people are uprooted, searching for answers and solid ground to stand on, we are a people who are Rooted.


At Church of the Resurrection, we seek to make faithful disciples who Rest in:

  • Their identity in Christ
  • Their adoption as a child of God
  • Freedom from performance and achievement
  • Freedom from fear, anxiety, and worry
  • Freedom from hurriedness

In a world where people are restless, anxious about the future, striving to be somebody, and afraid of failure, we are a people who are Restful because of the grace of God given to us in Christ Jesus.


Church of the Resurrection exists to make faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who are in Relationship with:

  • God through Jesus Christ
  • Other Christians in the local and global Church
  • The City and World around us

In a world where people are more and more isolated, struggling with loneliness and true intimacy, we are a Relational people.

Our Strategy – The Three Tables

1st Table

Communion with God

Every Sunday morning, we celebrate and proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as our sure foundation and hope for eternal life. We do this through a meal called, “Communion.” At this meal, Christ himself is the host, and we are his guests, welcomed to have fellowship with God. This ‘table’ is on the move, and we pursue communion with God throughout the week in various ways, knowing that we were made for him, and in Him, we will find our rest.

2nd Table

Fellowship with the Church

For all world history, families of all nations have had fellowship around the dinner table. In the Church, God has made us a family in Christ, calling men, women, and children from every tribe, language, and nation to belong to his people. God calls us to pursue deep, authentic fellowship with one another. We are to be hospitable and love one another, dining together and bearing one another burdens. This is the 2nd Table.

3rd Table

Faithful Witness to the World

Jesus Christ claimed he came to do three things: Serve and give his life as a ransom for many, seek and save the lost, and to dine with and save sinners. He has called us, His Church, to go into all the world and to imitate his life by dining with the lost and broken people of the world. At the 3rd Table, the not-yet believing people of the world are the hosts, and we go to meet them where they are. There, we bear witness to the good news of Jesus Christ, and invite all people into relationship with Him.