Rt. Rev. Dr. Bill Atwood - January 7, 2018

Confirmation & Ordination Sermon


Jesus’ baptism brings the gift of the fullness of the Spirit in the life of the believer.  Now He lives within us fully and causes us to long to participate in God’s expansive mission in the world.

From Series: "GodSpace"

At the beginning of every year, our culture becomes obsessed with New Year’s resolutions and aspirations for the future—if we only looked a certain way or did a certain thing. And as Christians, we often find ourselves caught up in this false story—a story that says we can be better people or feel better about ourselves if we just try harder. But Epiphany offers a counter-story, an entirely different way of starting the new year. The word “epiphany” comes from a Greek word that means “manifestation” or “appearing,” and has come to be used in our everyday language to describe those “light-bulb moments” when something obscure becomes clear to us for the first time.   So rather than merely eating better or exercising more, our hope is that an entirely new reality will dawn upon us like it did for the people who first encountered Jesus.  What was this new reality?  Godspace.  God had entered their world.   He literally invaded their space.  He now met them on the shores of their vocations, in places of public worship, in homes with extended family, in the marketplace, and so on. When we discover Godspace- we begin to see God at the intersection of all dimensions of life.  He will not allow us to assign him a cozy spot in our private faith community.  No, the boundaries between sacred and secular are now beautifully blurred.  The Light is shining in our darkness. All of life is in God's light.

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