The Rev. Brian Pape - September 17, 2017

The Second Table

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God has made us a family of people in Christ at the 2nd table. Here followers of Christ are both host and guest. The participants are Jesus and primarily believers, although we leave open chairs for outsiders. At Church of the Resurrection, Second Table will most regularly be encountered through Mesa Groups, but spontaneous times of gathering are crucial as well. At the Second Table, there is an invitation to belong to a family and be known in deep friendship. (Acts 2:42-47)

From Series: "You Are Welcome to the Table"

The primary way we discover a relationship with God, with other Christians, and with the city and world around us is through the simple act of sharing a meal. At first glance, this sounds far too elementary. I can imagine many who read this will think, “you just want us to eat together? I thought following Jesus was about carrying one’s cross, dying to self, loving the ‘least of these.’ That sort of thing.” No doubt, these are apt descriptions of the life of Christ. However, his strategy for healing the world and making disciples centered around the practice of meal-sharing. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day used food as a way to oppress others. They used meals as a way to determine who was excluded. The “sinful” or the poor were simply not welcome. Even the seating order around a table was determined by a person’s apparent worth or importance. In contrast to all of this, Jesus used meals as a way of including everyone. (Mt. 9:9-11) Meals are sacred. Food is more than fuel. It's Jesus' method for carrying out the Great Commission! Will you join us over the next several weeks as we consider three tables and three relationships? You are welcome to the Table.

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