Christina Jelinek

Christina was first introduced to the Anglican way through the music of Liturgical Folk. As she learned more about the history and doctrine of Anglicanism, her heart yearned to be part of a Christ-centered community that was rooted in this historic tradition. She began attending Church of the Resurrection in 2020 and has found a place to belong, serve, and grow.

Christina previously served with a local non-profit training and equipping local missionaries in hospitality, missional living, and evangelism. She is currently pursuing a Master's in Professional Counseling.


Christina and her family live in Lewisville. She has a tiny army of three children and two furry family friends, a goldendoodle named Cheesecake, and their super shy kitten, Stardust. Her passions include hospitality, songwriting, and napping. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would love to visit Japan!