Clancy Hicks

Clancy has grown up attending COR since just after it was founded. They were brought on as an intern just after the pandemic to begin helping with the weekly cycle of filming, editing, and posting content for Sunday morning services while we were not meeting in person. 

They earned a Media Arts degree from University of North Texas, graduating in Spring 2021. Clancy also worked with a production company which gave them more experience making a live "performance" happen.

Clancy is from Lewisville and lived in Denton County their whole life. They have two brothers, Garrett and Keanan, and their parents, Sarah and Doug Hicks, also attend COR. If they could travel someplace, it would be to Germany. They had originally planned to study abroad there during the summer of 2020, but due to the pandemic the trip was canceled. They also minored in German in college, so it would be fun to go and put those skills to the test.