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Plans for Worship Music Leadership

It is no secret that we have a significant role to fill in our parish. We are so thankful for the faithful leadership of Jarrett and Macy Davis over the last five years, and replacing Jarrett with the right person is of the highest priority. In this announcement, we want to provide you with our plans moving forward and help set the proper expectations for the future. We also want to give you the rationale for the moves we are making.

Next Steps

Jarrett will lead us in song on Sundays for the next three weeks. Beginning in August, Lauren Penn, Jon Malden, and Fr. David Smith will alternate in leading us in music on Sunday mornings. while we continue the search for a part time Director of Music. Fr. David Smith will have primary oversight of this team during this interim time. Our goal is to have a new part time Director of Music in place by January 2021 or sooner. We are actively searching for candidates and are committed to making the right choice for this important role.


It was assumed that we would be able to find the right person and have them with us by the time the Davises moved to East Texas. As we entered into conversation with applicants for this role, promising candidates emerged. We were close with one candidate in particular, but it ultimately did not work out. Several factors make this role particularly unique to fill during this time. Our interview process was delayed with the beginning of the pandemic in March, and we anticipate it may affect the interview process going forward.

We are hiring for a part time position and desire to bring someone into our community who is familiar with our Anglican identity and excited about our vision as a parish. Rest assured, we will not rush into a decision that doesn’t fit well. God’s provision, and Jarrett’s proactive leadership in forming our current team, gives us time to get this role right. We hope to steward this opportunity and we look expectantly for God’s provision.

If you have any questions about this announcement, we’d love to talk with you. Please email our staff, or contact us through the form at the bottom of our website.

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