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Property Update 12/15/2021

I’d like to share a significant decision and recent development regarding our Shady Oaks Property. This update includes three main pieces of news:

  1. We have decided to pursue the YMCA partnership and building our future facilities on the land adjacent to the Cross Timbers YMCA

  2. Dallas Surf Soccer Club is no longer pursuing the purchase of Shady Oaks.

  3. We will assess our options for the eventual sale of Shady Oaks—our 10 acres in west FM.

Decision to Share

Our Leadership Council has made a significant decision about our long term trajectory as a parish. After much prayer and discernment, we will commit to partnering with the Cross Timbers YMCA to redevelop their current property. We are in the midst of a due diligence period with the YMCA and the Town of Flower Mound. From details such as parking arrangements and water retention requirements to the big-picture conceptual design of a new facility and sanctuary, there are many important items the Property Team is working to finalize. It will likely take another 4-6 months before we have any substantial news to share.

The Cross Timbers YMCA location presents an incredible opportunity for Church of the Resurrection to be Rooted, Restful, and Relational right in the heart of our Town for generations to come. In contrast to the 10 acres out west, this location is already a significant gathering place for our city. We see this as a unique opportunity to take the church to our community as opposed to inviting our community to come to church. Moreover, we believe God has brought about our partnership with the Greater YMCA of Dallas, giving us the opportunity to do ministry together rather than operating in our own silos.

As we pursue this missional opportunity, we will assess our options for the eventual sale of our Shady Oaks property. The cost to develop and build on Shady Oaks has more than doubled since we first assessed its potential, while the value of the land has also increased significantly. God’s good and competent hand has provided not only a wonderful new opportunity for mission at the YMCA location, but has multiplied our financial strength.

A Recent Development

Dallas Surf Soccer Club, who was considering the purchase of Shady Oaks, had to withdraw their application from the Town of Flower Mound. They were unable to realize their full site plan given the Town’s restrictions and the community concerns. We wish them the very best as they look to other site locations in the area.

Our land has continued to appreciate in value, and we are not worried about the loss of one potential buyer. Moreover, we are not in any kind of crisis or hurry to sell quickly. The due diligence period with the YMCA gives us ample time to assess our options for the eventual sale of Shady Oaks.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on our Leadership Council. Questions can also be sent to

God is on the move, and so are we! I’m thankful to be on the journey with you,


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