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Property Update 5/21/2023

The Church of the Resurrection (COR) building project team is committed

to providing regular progress updates to the Parish.

COR is partnering with the Cross Timbers YMCA to redevelop the YMCA property, and a portion of the property will be used by COR for the purpose of building church facilities. The building project team has been meeting with YMCA leaders regularly to develop plans for the property, with the current area of focus being the site layout.

In addition, the project team held a 3-hour working session on Saturday, April 29 to lay out an initial timeline for the project. This timeline includes the numerous tasks required for a project of this scope - legal documents, Town of Flower Mound approvals, construction requirements, finance considerations, etc. As an outcome of this session, the project team will be presenting a detailed update to the COR Leadership Council in June. We are also having additional conversations with the Town building officials in the next month or so to get additional early guidance around utilities and drainage, etc.

The project team also plans to present a more detailed update to the Parish within the next few months as building plans further take shape. We will also be posting regular updates on the church website - If you have any questions about the project, reach out to April Gilley at or any member of the project team.

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