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How Are We Keeping Our Kids Safe?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Updated 3/23/2022

This blog post will be updated continually to be a living resource for visitors and regular attenders at Church of the Resurrection.


At Church of the Resurrection, we prioritize the safety and protection of our children and teenagers while involved in our ministries. We ensure this by training leaders in a culture of awareness and safety, where love and care for children is fundamental. We also implement policies and procedures in keeping with the canons of our diocese and the laws of the State of Texas. In addition to the policy manual from our Diocese, our primary resource for prevention training is MinistrySafe. It is our desire for you to be fully aware of these policies and procedures as well as to have a clear means of reporting. Here are a few summary points:

  1. All volunteers and staff who work with children are screened, and are required to complete a Sexual Abuse Awareness training as well as a background check. Both are required every two years. The priest for Family Ministries and the RCM Coordinator are required to complete MinistrySafe Institute, a 15-hour training in screening,

  2. A "Supervisory Plan" is created for every event or ministry involving children or teenagers that outlines the policies and procedures specific to that event. Those will always be made available at the event. Supervisory plans made for recurring events can be found here:

  3. All staff and volunteers are required to read, agree to, and behave in accordance with the Policy Manual for the Protection of Children from The International Diocese.

  4. The Bishop of the International Diocese and clergy and leaders are committed to providing a safe place to pursue life in Christ and ministry. In the event that there are circumstances not consistent with that commitment, you are invited to report that to any or all of the following:

    1. The Rev. Brian Pape, Rector, (972) 213-0091,

    2. Bishop Bill Atwood, Diocesan Bishop, (800) 303-6267,

    3. Jeff Garrety, Esq, Diocesan Chancellor, (800) 338-1227,

    4. The Ven. Phil Eberhart, Archdeacon, (720) 219-0055,

    5. The Rev. Canon Bates Richmond, Canon to the Ordinary, (832) 597-7811,

  5. All employees and clergy of Church of the Resurrection are required to report any suspected or alleged abuse. These reports are not formal accusations or proven fact. A report is required in Texas when there is "cause to believe" some form of abuse has occurred. Professionals have 48 hours to report from when they are told of a case. We use the reporting form provided by our diocese. This entails any suspected abuse seen

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Fr. David, our priest for Family Ministries at, or by phone at 972-213-0091.

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