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Restful: Vision Part 2

In a hurried culture, followers of Jesus are restful. Restfulness is not the same as doing nothing. Restfulness is a calm soul that is secure in God's care and provision. Yet, restfulness also affects the way we schedule and live our lives.

In suburban America, it is assumed that all our kids will be in extracurricular activities with private lessons. It is assumed that we should constantly seek bigger and better houses and possessions. The narratives of our surrounding culture are at war against the spirit of restfulness. You are what you own. You are what you produce. You are what other people think about you. Anyone who lives their life under those lies will never be able to rest, because there is no end to the pursuit.

The Christian gospel tells us that we are fully and freely loved by God in Christ Jesus and that all striving has ceased for those who have been forgiven and adopted by him. As children of God, we do not have to strive to be something more. We can be at rest, unhurried, non-anxious.

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