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  • Jon Malden, Treasurer, and member of the leadership council and building team, gave a building project update on Sunday, July 30. 

  • This summer, the team has continued meeting twice per month and have a high-level list of tasks and milestones, and we continue to push forward and are making good progress.

  • In June, the building team had a full update meeting with the council where several key topics were discussed, and gained more alignment in what a potential site plan may look like on the YMCA’s property and discussed different legal protections and structure around facility sharing and partnership with the YMCA. 

  • For those that may be new to the plan to build on the YMCA’s property – this possibility arose because the greater Dallas YMCA is looking to redevelop this entire facility.

  • Thus, over the past 1-2 years COR has been in discussions with the YMCA about constructing a new church building on their property and doing it in such a way that COR could not only utilize existing parking and infrastructure, but also develop spaces that the two organizations can share such as childcare and classrooms, like COR is already doing now while renting the YMCA’s gym.  This makes a lot of since given that the two organizations don’t use those spaces at the same time of the week, and all of this is expected to provide material cost savings on the building project.   

  • But beyond helping reduce the cost of construction, the council and building team also see God providing an opportunity for COR to be located right in the heart of Flower Mound and Lewisville and Denton county where many of parishioners live, and the change to become a rooted and restful gathering place right next to Flower Mound’s Town Hall and adjacent to another long-time Christian organization in the Y that is committed to the location, where COR can have the opportunity to minister to the community in new ways.

  • The building team and the Council and staff continue to pursue this opportunity and see it as consistent with striving to live-into the vision of being Rooted, Restful, and Relational.   

  • Working with another organization on a joint development is complex and it is an evolving situation, but things are starting to progress more quickly, and we’ve continued to meet monthly with the Dallas YMCA CEO and their attorney and chief property officer.

  • Currently, the COR and YMCA teams are working toward drawing a preliminary site plan and plan to have another pre-development meeting with the Town, which is a forum where the Town will hopefully confirm that the overall plan should work and to make sure that all parties understand the requirements the Town will have for the development, including utilities, fire lanes, retention ponds, setbacks, etc.

  • It is the hope that after that next pre-development meeting the COR and YMCA teams can start developing more concrete plans and initial cost estimates and start discussion legal terms, so in the coming months it is the hope that more specific information can be shared with COR members.

  • The building team will continue giving status updates every month or so.

  • Please feel free to ask anyone on the building team any questions you may have – that includes Jon Malden, Vicky Gunning, April Gilley, Steve Westbrook, David Stocker, Dean Moyer, and Logan Adcock.    

Property Update 7/30/2023

COR is partnering with the Cross Timbers YMCA to redevelop the YMCA property, and a portion of the property will be used by COR for the purpose of building church facilities. The building project team has been meeting with YMCA leaders regularly to develop plans for the property, with the current area of focus being the site layout.


In addition, the project team held a 3-hour working session on Saturday, April 29 to lay out an initial timeline for the project. This timeline includes the numerous tasks required for a project of this scope - legal documents, Town of Flower Mound approvals, construction requirements, finance considerations, etc. As an outcome of this session, the project team will be presenting a detailed update to the COR Leadership Council in June. We are also having additional conversations with the Town building officials in the next month or so to get additional early guidance around utilities and drainage, etc.


The project team also plans to present a more detailed update to the Parish within the next few months as building plans further take shape. We will also be posting regular updates on the church website - If you have any questions about the project, reach out to April Gilley at or any member of the project team.

Property Update 5/21/2023

Planning continues to move forward on the Church of Resurrection's partnership with Cross Timbers YMCA to re-develop the YMCA property. The re-development of the property will allow Church of the Resurrection to build church facilities such as a sanctuary and a parish hall on a portion of the property, while also partnering with the YMCA to share property resources such as parking, a water retention pond, and utility infrastructure.

A building project team has been established to assist with the re-development and building plans. This team is composed of members with strategic expertise:

Logan Adcock, Construction Attorney
April Gilley, Project Management

Vicky Gunning, Corporate Attorney

Jon Malden, Corporate Banker

Dean Moyer, Church Leadership

David Smith, Church Leadership 

David Stocker, Architect 

Steve Westbrook, Commercial Contractor

Action items recently completed:

Closed on the sale of the church's Shady Oaks property in January.

Established monthly meetings with leaders from the YMCA to facilitate the joint planning for the property. 

Completed a site survey of the YMCA property.

Action items currently in progress:

Establishing project sub-teams 

Drafting legal documents to review with the YMCA 

Research considerations for church design (community needs, future growth, etc.) 

Reviewing initial considerations with the church leadership council 

A key area of focus in the coming months will be working out terms with the YMCA. 

The project team will continue to meet twice a month to discuss progress, identify action items and lay out next steps. Key areas of focus in the coming months are working out the location of the YMCA'S facilities and the separate church building, construction phasing, cost sharing and other terms with the YMCA. As progress is made the project team will continue to provide regular updates to the parish. If you have any questions about the project, you can reach out to April Gilley ( or any member of the project team.

Property Update: May 2023

The Leadership Council is pleased to announce that we closed on the sale of the Shady Oaks property. Proceeds after commissions and closing costs were $1.681 million, so the church received a gain of just under $1 million over the original purchase price.


The Leadership Council and Property Team are excited to focus their attention on plans for our new facility. A site survey of the YMCA property has been completed and the Property Team has conducted a pre-development meeting with the Town of Flower Mound. The Property Team will be meeting twice per month to continue their work on creating a preliminary site plan and developing legal agreements with YMCA representatives.


We are thankful for God's provision for Church of the Resurrection and we look forward to sharing future updates as we continue to work through the development and planning process.

Property Update 1/18/2023
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