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Our Strategy Pt. 2: Second Table

At the First Table, we experience relationship with God as our Father. Christ is the host of this kingdom banquet, and we are his guests, granted entrance by grace through faith. All we become and experience at the First Table overflows into the next two tables.

The community formed around the First Table is sent out to be hosts in this world, to invite one another and all those who would come into table fellowship. At the Second Table, we are hosts and we pursue fellowship in the church.

It would be easy to think this means only Christians are welcome to the Second Table. Not true! The Second Table is a way of speaking about Christian hospitality. It is a space of invitation, certainly between believers in the fellowship of the Spirit, but also with arms and hearts open to our neighbors and the world around us.

At Church of the Resurrection we prioritize hospitality and table fellowship in the Church. By pursuing the Second Table, we become more Rooted, Restful, and Relational in our life with one another.

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